about uk boiler breakers

Welcome to UK Boiler Breakers

My name is Simon. I am a qualified gas, plumbing and heating engineer with over 25 years experience.

You can be confident about anything you purchase through my shop as it is offered by somebody who knows the trade inside and out.

I served a five year apprenticeship and have worked on contract to various Councils and British Gas as a gas, plumbing and heating engineer. My main work has been installations, but I have covered every aspect of the plumbing and heating industry over the years.

Please take a look at my qualifications and certifications below.

Any Questions?

My experience and qualifications mean that I can answer any plumbing and heating related questions you might have relating to my shop listings.

If you're unsure about something, please contact me.

Tel; 01772 704029 Mob: 0793 350 9281